We just posted a free case-study video showing exactly how we helped a client score 150% more traffic and 133% more conversions.

It’s almost exactly 16 minutes and depicts exactly what this entrepreneur did to her crazy niche site… which is “EMF Protection Equipment.” You’ll see “before” and “after” pics as well as hear from the site owner herself about what she did.

I’m not exactly sure what EMF Protection Equipment is, but if you watch the video you’ll get a sneak peak of our new (unpublicized thus far) web business system we’re calling your “Website DNA.” More to come soon, but these results are showing to be quite typical for sites following our system.

Check out that video and then share your thoughts in the comments. We’ll try to clear up any lingering questions you might have. How does your site compare to hers? Do you use your side bar the way she does (the right way)? Do you fall for the “that won’t work for my site with many products” trap? Let us know in the comments.

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