Mindvalley has prepared a powerful video for you today. But first a backstory…

One of the things I love doing is taking a wide variety of personal growth ideas, putting them in a blender, and creating something really simple but equally powerful.

A few months back I developed a simple 7-minute exercise that I now do with everyone who steps into my life – friends, family, employees, authors, innovators, leaders, business partners, the list is endless.

The impact on people has been so good that many have told me it transformed their lives and they wish they had done it at a younger age. I call it the “3 Most Important Questions”.

It’s a 7-minute exercise that can alter the next decade of your life – both professionally and personally.

The inspiration came from various conversations I had with friends in their forties.

Quite a few regretted that they never gave themselves the chance to do all the things they dreamt about in their younger years. It got me thinking…

So many people wake up at 40 and dread going work, because they were forced to pick a career before they could legally buy a beer!

The answer has to do with how the Western world trains us to think of goal setting. I’m come to see this model as hugely imperfect. This exercise suggests a new model.

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