What happens once you’ve completed your launch sequence? How do you make full use of the aftermath, or “quiet time” with your customers and leads following your campaign?

In this quick presentation, Ajit Nawalkha, who’s also the co-founder of Mindvalley Italy, shares 4 simple product offers that can generate you extra revenue and profit in 7 days or less.

From using the industry-famed “dominant emotion” in your emails, to proven swipes by expert Frank Kern – these practices have not only helped Mindvalley earn more money, but also kept our lists growing and active.

P.S. – And no, Ajit wasn’t on RedBull. He really did have only 5 minutes left to squeeze in this presentation 😉

Got any comments or any other ideas on quick offers that you would like to share? Please leave them below, and share this video with your team. Oh, and start making use of these offers!

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