How do you make sure your new hires are ready to hit the ground running?

Furthermore, is the onboarding process just an unnecessary procedure originating from HR?

To answer these questions, we invite you to have a sneak-peak at Mindvalley’s Induction Program. We’ll share our best practices so that you can implement them right away and boost the experience of your new joiners.

Why is the Induction Program a big deal for us?

Last April, Bamboo HR surveyed over 1000 employees in the US, asking about their experience getting new jobs and what strategies they had found to be most effective and helpful for settling in.

They found out that receiving organized, relevant and well-timed content obtained the highest rating in terms of new hire experience (most helpful for 52% of the surveyed employees).

In Mindvalley, we go beyond that.

Our Induction Program is a four-day immersion program

We offer a four-day induction program, consisting of interactive sessions, practical tasks and challenges that help our new hires integrate well with the team.

As a result, within their first week new employees get an overview of our business as well as an understanding of our unique culture.

How do we make it happen?

Step 1: WOW the new hires even before they join your company

Before stepping into Mindvalley’s office, every new hire receives a welcome package that includes pre-arrival handbook, induction materials and access to our online knowledge platform called Elula.

Not only do they familiarize themselves with Mindvalley’s vision and team structure, but they also gain insights into our current business focus.

Preparing a set of handouts in PDF format is a convenient alternative to using a tool such as Elula. These materials will serve as a comprehensive introduction and prepare your new hires to embark on the employee journey.

This is best done with the information presented in an interesting, easy to consume format. Add visuals, graphs and photos. Avoid sending large chunks of text without prioritizing key learnings that you want your newbies to obtain.

Step 2: Create strong bonds

Our buddy scheme provides new employees with a reliable, motivated, single point of contact for their basic questions regarding their work experience at Mindvalley.

It also helps establish orientation as a process, rather than a single learning event.

A buddy is an existing Mindvalley employee who partners with a new hire during their first three months of their Mindvalley Journey. Apart from introducing them to Mindvalley culture, the purpose of having a buddy is to offer encouragement and knowledge resources.

Through buddies, the new hires begin to build their support network and start connecting with other employees of similar interests, allowing them to assimilate into the Mindvalley culture with ease.

Step 3: Design a consistent learning experience

The first day in the office initiates an ongoing learning process.

Our monthly Induction Program starts with Mindvalley Essentials. It’s a series of trainings explaining Mindvalley’s mission, business model and each team’s contribution to the bigger picture. They are led by company leaders and flow in a comprehensive sequence.

As a result, the new hires obtain a holistic understanding of Mindvalley’s vision and strategy.

Step 4: Make a smooth integration to your company culture a PRIORITY

Final sessions focus on alignment with our culture and values through exploring the Code of Awesomeness and understanding the WOW factor of our customer support.


New hires participate in interactive activities that allow them to bond with the rest of the team, and interact with our customers. They learn the importance of our values through storytelling and tasks inspired by Memos @Mindvalley, a collection of stories that give a deep insight into Mindvalley’s vibe.

They also get hands-on experience of the impact Mindvalley is making in people’s lives by directly talking to our customers and assisting them with their queries.

These practical assignments are followed by growth sessions during which our new hires complete their 3 Most Important Questions and learn about High Performance Techniques.

As 60% of our team is international, we also support them in relocating to Malaysia by offering training sessions on intercultural communication.

Step 5: Trust the data

In order to ensure we deliver the highest quality experience to our new hires, we gather feedback and measure the satisfaction rate not only at the end of the Induction Program, but also three months after completing it.

As a result, we consistently hit our average satisfaction score of 88%.

Step 6: Follow through

Our onboarding process spreads throughout the first three months, in order to provide our new hires with a systematic support and development program.

Apart from informal check-in sessions, growth meetings with the team leader and the talent manager take place in the first, fourth and tenth week.

All in all, Mindvalley’s comprehensive Induction Program provides a unique hands-on support to our new hires—which is one of the most important factors in employee satisfaction and, ultimately, retention.

By viewing the onboarding process as a journey, and accompanying our employees throughout the whole experience, we’re able to provide a world-class experience for our new hires.

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