You’ve just launched a product.

You start to celebrate (or cry) based on how well it went, and you breathe a big sigh of relief that it’s over!

But the thing is, the time after your launch is crucial, too.

Once a product launch is over, there is a precious window of opportunity where you can reap maximum benefits just by taking 5 action steps.

These steps should be taken whether your launch was a success, or flop; although, don’t see it as a failure, because you’ll learn from your mistakes, and understand what you need to do next time.

5 Must-Do Things Smart Online Marketers Practice After a Product Launch

Action Step #1: Collect All Numbers

During, and after, your launch, be diligent when it comes to collecting all the data and numbers that tell you how your audience is connecting with your marketing efforts. Here are some numbers you should be watching like a hawk:

  • Open Rates and CTRs for your e-mails
  • Conversion Rates (if you’re driving people to a landing page)
  • Comments and response from people (if it’s an engagement page)
  • Sublist (or the list of people who opted in), Opens, and CTRs
  • Show-up Rate, Stick Rate, and Conversion Rate (for a Webinar)
  • Sales Page Conversion
  • Everyday’s Opens, CTRs, and Sales Conversion before the offer ends

You may be thinking, Why do you need so many numbers?

Without these numbers, you are flying blind, and you have no idea whether your audience is connecting with you.

Without these numbers, you wouldn’t be able to pinpoint the areas of your marketing flow that aren’t working, or converting as they could be.

Catching your weakest links early in the game will help you in the long run, so use these numbers to identify your weak areas of marketing, and implement improvements ASAP.

Action Step #2: Can it be automated?

Sometimes we forget that the real power of creating a successful marketing campaign is in the automation of it.

Automating your product launch not only allows you to promote your product more than once (without a limited time frame), it gives you more time to innovate or work on multiple projects, while connecting with potential partners in your industry etc.

You get to reap the fruits of your genius over and over again! Who wouldn’t want that?

Action Step #3: Find partners who have targeted lists for your offer

Which leads me one of the most important bits.

If your offer converts, and you have your numbers in place, there is no reason for you to not take your offer to related audience which you may have access to through partnerships with people in your industry.

More targeted the list of your partner is — the better the conversion rates for them — the more they are willing to work with you in future.

Action Step #4: Define when you want to launch again

Having a set date for a relaunch opens you up to a whole host of exciting possibilities!

It’s the perfect chance to change what didn’t work in the previous one, improve scheduling and organization, correct processes that may have been broken…

In short, your life becomes much easier, and you can foresee what bumps my lie ahead, because of your experience and the data you collected.

Here are just a few benefits of a relaunch:

  • You can bring in partners.
  • You know what to optimize and when to schedule – This leads to better conversions.
  • You can plan your content strategy and keep your list hot, knowing what they responded to in the past.
  • You have another opportunity to work on building a strong, trustworthy relationship with them.

Note: One of the biggest reasons people may not have gone for your previous offer could be because 1) They didn’t trust the offer, or 2) They didn’t trust you or your brand / company. So set a date. Now.

Action Step #5: Find related offers or products

If you have a killer sales system, you have probably already scheduled offers that will go after your initial pitch.

If you don’t, no worries. Find partners and promote their offer.

When someone opts-in to your initial pitch, they have raised their hand and said, “I am looking for a solution to my problem.Please show me what it is.”

Another reason they may not have purchased your product in your first launch could be because they didn’t feel your solution was the right one for them, or they didn’t like the way you presented the offer.

But they still have the problem, and (if you positioned yourself right), you are the trusted advisor, and you have the responsibility to give them what you promised.

So, if you don’t have something for them right now, send them what you would recommend is the next best option. Give them genuine value, every step along the way.

Why are these 5 steps a must?

When we get tied up in the launch or project we’re doing, concentrating on conversion rates and marketing strategies, it’s easy to forget the main purpose of sales… To help people.

You’re helping someone make the decision to change their life, and that’s an important position that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

If you think about it, we’d be doing the person a huge disservice if we were to stop communication after they decided NOT to buy our initial offer.

They were bold enough to share their problems, give their information away, and listen to our possible solution.

So don’t be reluctant to continue the conversation, and offer them something else.

Something more.

Love your clients.

Serve them well.

Don’t be shy.

Help them find their answers.

Follow up on your launch.

Don’t give up!

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