With the vast majority of businesses sprouting online, it is easy to get lost amongst the clutter.

Common sense will tell you that you have to “stand out in the crowd” or “be different to beat competition”.

We have met countless of entrepreneurs do well despite being in industries with major corporations as competitors.

Well, as mentioned before, Entrepreneurs are of a Different Breed, and will pretty much jump off a cliff and figure out how to build a plane on the way down.

Nowadays, everybody wants to be an entrepreneur, and with the resources available for our taking, WHY NOT?

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Therefore, to summarize a way to clear the clutter, and actually be awesome in what you plan on selling online, here are our Top Tips that has worked wonders for us (a company solely relying on our Macbooks and the power of the Internet)


#1 Create an avatar on who you plan on selling to

Grab a pen and paper and list down the exact details as to how you picture your prospective customer.

For example: Our Mindvalley Insights avatar would be a 25-year old, single male/female, with a business/an idea of a business, driven, passionate, motivated, wanting to learn about selling online and how we do what we do.

Of course, this is generally not 100% of our statistics, but this is our avatar that drives our content.

Once you have distinguished your customer avatar, picture how you would want to sell to these people.

Research on trends and what drives them to click.

 #2 Write, write, write

People are generally afraid to write.

The truth is, selling online can be difficult because you are solely relying on text, audio or video.

All in which, are very important channels if you want to sell your product well.

But, the first step to a successful marketing campaign would be the ability to write fantastic copy.

Teaming up with amazing graphics, crystal clear audio and HD video, you are gold.

So, our best advice is to pick up a pen and start writing, or sign up on WordPress and start letting the words flow.

Ask your friends and family to run through your final copy and give constructive criticism as to how you can improve.

I cannot begin to express how important it is to hone this skill.

#3 Research on ways to optimise your words.

People don’t want to read thousands upon thousands of words.

More often than not, they would have X-ed your page or torn your letter before they even reach the fifth line if you do not optimise on your words.

The headline is the ultimate punchline that will get people clicking on your page in the first place.

We have found an amazing article here on ways to score big on your headline alone.

This headline had a 60% EMV score, thus why you’re even reading this piece now.

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 2.57.05 PM


#4 Master the Art of Storytelling

Being informative is great, but always be sure to convey the message in a way where people can relate to it.

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it” – Simon Sinek

Make sure that what you are selling is not just a product, but a product made with passion, love and something customers really need, and they know they need.

It opens the mind to people to believe in your product and you.

These are the steps to a good story:

–       How you came about your product? (Basically YOUR story)

–       What problem does it solve?

–       Why should they buy from you?

–       Testimonials from people who have bought from you (if applies)

–       How can they apply it themselves?

These are basic questions you can ask yourself to formulate a good story for your customers to buy into what you are selling.

Feel free to formulate more in depth questions to increase the hook of your story.

#5 Do not be afraid to venture into Audios and Videos

Now that you’ve gotten your copy down, do not limit yourself to just blogs/text.

Content is King on the Internet and you will be catering to more audiences with a variety of channels for them.

When you tap into more human senses, people are more engaged as to what you are trying to convey to them.

If your business works well with using Podcasts or Video Sales Letters (VSLs), you have just one-upped your competitor that does not.

Here is an example of a VSL on one of our best selling products: Silva Life System.

VSLs have worked wonders for us when we used text, audio and video to sell our products.

Customers have a better sense of trust on what you are selling, thus improving your conversions.

This will reduce your Cost Per Action, which then increases your Revenues & Profits.

#6 Build a following

After getting all the channels set up, remember to build a list.

Whenever you got a customer, make sure you have set up accounts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn (Yes, people do share stuff on LinkedIn too) & Pinterest (If you wish to make it pretty and fancy, and your market are Pinterest users)

Another way of building a following which is the core of our business is growing our Email lists.

We make sure that we are able to have frequent touchpoints with our customers to keep our brand in their minds.

There are lots of ways to reach out to your customers, or prospective clients – Remarketing is another method.

Course we Recommend To Get Started

Your ability to use language and communicate with your Avatar is so important to the success of your business.

If you’re new to the industry or mastering your art online – you will not go wrong with going through Autoresponder Madness from Andre Chaperon.

You can read more about it here and grab a copy. Use this as your first tool to get started to selling well online!

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