We’ve featured Moneyfingers, Inc. founder Chris Haddad a few times before on this blog, but instead of giving you a snippet of his insanely effective methods, we decided to share the full bang.

Here’s Part 1 of Chris’ in-depth presentation at our private mastermind in 2012, which consists of the following:

1. Figure Out the Primal Desire of Your Market and Give it to Them

2. Use “Punched in the Gut” Storytelling in Copywriting

3. Make Promises With Balls

4. Confirm the Prejudices, Irrational Beliefs and Soul-Crushing Fears Your Market Already Has Around Your Big Idea or Niche

What do any of these mean? Watch this 15-minute video, implement the techniques into your next sales letter, email or video, and watch your conversions double or triple. Sauces 5-8 coming right up in Part 2 of the talk.

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