In Part 2 of Chris Haddad’s talk at our private mastermind in 2012, he shares the remaining 4 techniques (out of 8) to his copywriting method:

5. Transform the Act of Buying Your @$%# Into a Noble and Heroic Act

6. Use “Aftercare” Q&A to Remove Objections and Boost Your Sales

7. Seven Deadly Sins Bullets Cut to the Core of What Your Market Wants

8. Cut Through Writer’s Block with If/Then/Why

If you’ve already watched Part 1 of the video and had a taste of Chris Haddad (who talks pretty the much the way he cleverly writes), you’ll definitely be curious on what the above could possibly entail for your next sales copy.

So catch this 10-minute video to complete your crash course. You’re welcome 🙂

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