What is the biggest thing in business that Amish Shah has learned?

Perhaps one of the most versatile entrepreneurs in the market today, Amish is truly a Jack of all trades; the futurist is a technology geek with the wit of a savvy and innovative businessman. Marketers worldwide would be familiar with his “Magic Bullet” seminars and the fact that this young man has brought in a total of US$110,000,000 in sales for advertisers.

But there is one great lesson that he has realized over time, having managed many businesses over the past few years. He’s shared this tip with us in the video above, and even threw in a little bonus towards the end on what he sees in the future of business and marketing.

The Deep Origins founder has also let Mindvalley in on the basics of how he pulled off a $5.1 million product launch on his first attempt, so if you haven’t experienced Amish’s Mastermind presentation, head here for your “Aha!” moment in internet marketing.

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