When you start researching Mindvalley and how it runs its business, so many great articles and stories appear about the culture, people, ambition, and organizational model of the company that you just feel the urge to keep learning more about it.

Mindvalley breaks down all paradigms of how businesses are and should be run, leaving you to wonder — is this all for real?

My curiosity and passion to make an impact drove me to the crazy decision of moving across the world to be a part of this company. I was lucky enough to start my Mindvalley experience with six other amazing individuals who were just as mesmerized as me. I was mostly curious to see how the business really works on a daily basis and after a month concluded that, yes, what you see is what you get.

So, what made our first 30 days so special?

1. Awesome People Make Awesome Culture

When you are part of the selection process for joining Mindvalley, you realize the biggest part is if you “fit the culture,” and if you are able to pass the “awesomeness bar” of the company’s current employees. Sounds weird, but as soon as you step into the office, it makes total sense.

Having more than 50% international team members, every single one has a unique background, life experience, professional skills and overall awesome working mood. Everyone has a contagious positive energy that assures they are having a great time — while still working hard on a daily basis.

As Jim Rohn once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” If you surround yourself with inspiring, ambitious, smart and happy people, you will definitely step up your game to be a better version of yourself every day.


2) Don’t Work, Just Learn

Every month at Mindvalley, we have what’s called a “Learn Day” — a full day reserved for both team-based and life skills trainings provided by either external guests or our own Mindvalley teammates sharing their knowledge and wisdom.

With mornings dedicated specifically to team trainings, each team in the company has an opportunity to strategize and improve their workflow — which, let’s face it, might otherwise get swept under the whirlwind of our daily tasks.

It’s a day to leave your laptop closed and cancel all work meetings — and take advantage of the collective intelligence of our awesome team.

“A work day every month that is dedicated towards learning and facilitating employees’ growth? Nuff said!” — Zenas Chin

3) Growth Opportunities Are Completely UP TO YOU!

If you are the kind of person that will identify opportunities and jump into them, this is a perfect place for you! The business is constantly growing and changing, following the “4 Disciplines of Execution” model so as soon as you arrive, you have complete ownership over your work and each team holds each other accountable.

But the growth is not only in your current role. Every month there are new open positions where everyone can apply and generate an internal recruitment and rotation, so you can also learn from other roles and teams.

Furthermore, if you find white spaces in an area or process, you can also take initiative on doing something about it. Or it can even be as simple as having lunches, coffee or meetings with anyone in the company and learning from them and their experience.

4) It’s Not All About Business: Your Personal Achievements

Mindvalley’s CEO, Vishen Lakhiani, talks about a 7-minute exercise to change the way you plan your life and see your goals. This changes the way we see “goal setting” by answering your 3 Most Important Questions: What you want to experience, how you want to grow and how you want to contribute.

Every new hire that joins the company completes this exercise within their first month, and we share it on our office “3 MIQ Wall” as well as on team spaces. To support these goals, they offer learning opportunities, personal growth-based coaching and also serve as a platform to connect between people that want to achieve the same goal.

They pay and support me to get closer to my dreams? This really is a personal growth business, inside and out!

5. Speak Your Mind

Have an idea, feedback, or just want to get inspired? Just step into Vishen’s office and share your thoughts. For real.

On your first day in the office, you and your squad of new hires have a welcome lunch with Vishen himself to get to know more about the culture, the business and answer any question that pops into your mind at that moment.

There is a transparent and open communication between everyone in all kinds of roles and teams. Innovation is warmly welcomed, feedback is freely given and an overwhelming open-mindedness from everyone allows you to really be yourself from day one.

6. Wait, What? MORE Learning Opportunities?

Digging the Learn Day concept? Hold tight — that’s not the only educational platform.

Mindvalley’s “Delicious Library” consists of thousands of personal growth, entrepreneurship and many other book genres that are available for employees to loan, read and give back. These books are in all open spaces, easily accessible and the best part is if you want a book, you request it and you get it!

But that’s definitely not the best perk. As a global online education platform, you also get to enjoy all Mindvalley’s amazing content which allows you not only to grow professional but develop yourself in all aspect of your life.

Free access to world-class knowledge? Priceless!

7. Celebrating Diversity

As I mentioned earlier, around 50% of our team members are internationals from various continents, which make our culture and environment even richer. So taking advantage of that, we have monthly “Culture Day” celebrations in which, around certain important dates for each country or region, we have a full day dedicated to dress, dance, eat, drink, talk and learn more about other cultures and our own teammates. And whenever there is not a Culture Day happening, we have weekly social gatherings to get together and just chill.

Overall, first impressions really do make a difference, and these were the top 7 reasons why we knew after only 30 days that we were in the right place at the right time.

And did I even mention the epic office layout, flexi-time and possibility to work remotely with your feet in the sand of some beautiful Asian beach one hour away from KL?

Too good to be true?


Guess you will have to come and see for yourself! 🙂

Special thanks to November 2015 new hires — Troy Allen, Zenas Chin, Wayne Liew, Olivia Mercado, Navid Khataei and Tomas Lekavicius for contributing to the content of this post!

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