In my last few posts, I’ve shared various things I’ve learned, and the several insights that Brad Antin of Centerpointe shared with me.

You might be wondering how Brad Antin and I ended up talking business.

Did I walk up to him and say, “Hi, I’m Mike, I actually plan to be your biggest competitor, could you please tell me your secret?” Not quite.

First, I was introduced by my friend and business partner Larry “The Connector.” Why was Larry happy to make the introduction?

Because all of us have a very different mindset, and that’s the one crucial difference that differentiates us from the rest.

I believe in a world of abundance. I think there’s enough for everybody, so I’m not competing with them.

I approached them because we are in the same market and together we can help each other become vastly more successful. That’s the attitude I have, and that’s the attitude they share.

This market is enormous, the demand is almost insatiable and we’re only 2 tiny fish. If we can work together to help each other rise, that’s great.

So, I told them, we operate in the same market as you –spiritual and personal growth, we have similar businesses and similar sized lists, let’s figure out how we can work together.

Brad Antin immediately said he’d love to promote one of our products to their list, which is great because they have one of the single most responsive lists on the Internet.

I approached him like that, and I flattered him. I told him, you know what? I’m your biggest fan. I’ve bought your product just to figure out how you guys do business because I’m floored, what you have done is phenomenal, and we’re not anywhere close. I’d love to talk to you for 5-10mins and learn more about what you guys do.

That’s how I approached him –it was flattery and a mindset of abundance. But I didn’t lie –he knows that we’re in the same market, and he also has the mindset of doing cross promotions and helping each other grow our businesses.

Partnerships are some of the best ways to grow and improve your business.

My question to you is –is there someone in your market whom you can work together with? Is there someone doing better than you are? How are you going to approach them and work together towards a more successful future for both your businesses?

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