We feel topic the of establishing a successful business partnership doesn’t get talked about enough.  We invited on the stage 2 rockstar business partners to talk about it at Awesomenessfest: Khailee Ng and Joel Neoh. They co-founded 2 successful businesses:

  • SAYS.com, merged with Catcha Group to form Malaysia’s largest media group – REV Asia – in 2013
  • Groupsmore, sold to Groupon in 2011

Khailee starts it with a question: “in a lot of conferences, they talk about the heroes’ journey. They talk about Steve Jobs. Google. But they don’t talk much about the working relationship between Steve Jobs and Steve Wosniak. Or how did Larry page and Sergey Brin work together to build that business? We know they built it. But what went on in between?”

Joel and Khailee started young and managed to find their way towards building a successful, long lasting relationship. Why did they do it?

In this fun and dynamic session at the AFest, Khailee and Joel took questions directly from the crowd and had an spontaneous conversation answering to these questions in the most sincere way – from their authentic point of view.

Key questions to ask when considering a Business Partner:

  • “When looking for a partner, what is the first thing that you consider?”
  • “Once you found a partner, do you start off with a practice or the rules of the game or do you just start it and see how it goes?”
  • “At what point do you put a partnership agreement in place?”
  • “Where is the best place to find your business partner?”

Some of their answers are insightful. Some are mindblowing, but simple – and could be implemented right away in your company – such as the 24-hours conflict rule. Easy, replicable and highly effective to change the way you partner.

According to Joel, “embracing diversity, someone who’s different from yourself, will help your finding your ideal business partner. You don’t get much of value out of someone who’s similar to you”.

We’ll leave you with that. Watch the video and I hope you had fun as much as we did watching it – you might literally laugh out loud at some points during this talk, since both of them are spontaneous and bring a great touch of humour to everything.

So have fun! Enjoy the video. And share your thoughts with us. 🙂

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