Today’s lesson from the Analytics Team is the third tip on how to utilize Facebook Advertising in a creative way.

We started with Tip# 1, How to Boost Sales from Facebook Ads by Using Payment Plans, and Tip# 2, Does Free Shipping Work on Facebook Customers – check them out by clicking on the links if you missed them.

The third and final tip in this series is another great idea, which helped us boost sales by almost 20%.

Tip #3: Get Creative with Coupons

Everybody loves a good bargain and our Facebook friends are no different.

We wanted to find a new way to offer a discount to customers on Facebook – one that would be too good to resist.

A lot of sales pages offer some sort of promo or discount which fail to grab people’s attention due to its static or generic nature.

We wanted to try something more personal, fun and had the ability to arouse immediate interest. The answer? Coupons.

Magazines and newspapers are rife with special limited edition coupons for their readers which provide discounts for meal deals, clothes, subscriptions (the list is endless) and that got us thinking: readers of digital media should also be given special reader discounts.

The coupon theory was born. We first tried the coupon theory on the Silva Life System’s landing page headline. We designed the coupon to look like this:

This coupon alone boosted sales by 19.4% and showed an 80.5% chance of beating the page without the coupon. Here is the report of the test from Website Optimizer:

Adding a unique coupon or discount voucher to your Facebook page could do wonders for your sales. To make this tip work, you need to make sure to include the following specs in your coupon design:

1. Make the design mesh with the overlook of Facebook – try using similar colors and the Facebook symbol

2. Include photos of your Facebook fans on to the coupon as social proof

3. Make sure the copy on the coupon shows that the offer is for a “Limited Time” and for your special Facebook Fans only

4. Design the coupon to look like a regular voucher with a barcode (this familiarity increases credibility)

Have you tried any of these tips yet? If so, leave us a comment and share your successes as well.


[googleplusauthor] is the Project Manager of Mindvalley’s Analytics and Innovations Team.

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