At Mindvalley, our customer experience team is much more than just an ordinary support system, it’s a way of life. Which is why our customer support team is no ordinary department, it is the WOW team. They take customer care to the next level, injecting a personal touch everywhere they can.

Iulia Bercescu, a WOW team member, shares her favorite Insight, Cheesy Signature Lines.

We wanted to find a way to get personal with our customers despite having no “face-to-face” interaction that a physical store can offer customers. As such, digital businesses have more difficulty in providing and developing a personal relationship with their customers.

We were left wondering how to get our customer support agents to increase this personal interaction and strengthen relationships.

The answer? Cheesy Signature Lines. Not only do they boost customer satisfaction ratings but they can help improve performance (and happiness) of your customer support employees.

Iulia shows how, by taking an ordinary, overlooked detail and making it fun and personal it can dynamically improve your customer relations.

On that note, we hope this fills your day with inspiration and joy…!

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