This is a very personal post we are sharing, but I think it will be an awakening for many people.  Far too many find themselves in the same shoes are our “Frank” here.  If you haven’t read the Frank vs Matt Story from Andre Chaperon, I urge you to have a read.  It will be a hard slap for many, but a necessary one.  We share this with a serious face on.  Truth be told, we also have been guilty of making decisions like a “Frank” before.

A backstory before you read through.  This potential client* of Andre Chaperon wrote back to one of his autopilot emails.  How many times do you connect with your audience at such a level that they reply to your emails like this?

That’s the power of understanding the true needs and mindset of your niche.

* – notice I call him potential client, not “lead” – calling your target market simply by “lead” takes away the human element, which is critical to properly communicating to your audience

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If you want to learn more about Andre Chaperon’s story about Frank vs Matt – be sure to go read it – it’s a powerful story for all.

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