One of the first rules of copywriting is “Know Your Audience!”

But it’s not often easy to get a snapshot of the average visitor. Unlike a physical store, on the web, your visitors are represented by bar charts and click counts on analytics software.

And so, I was quite delighted to find this free service called Quantcast

Go to and type in your site name and the service will give you a clearer idea of your visitors in terms of age group, ethnicity, income level, education, family type and more.

Very very useful for anyone writing copy and trying to get into the mind of the visitor.

I found out some interesting things about our own site.

Our audience is 73% Male
41% of our audience is in the Over 65 age bracket.
We tend to have a higher than normal appeal to college educated people.
We tend to have a higher than normal appeal to Asian people.

Interesting stuff. Check out Quantcast. It bills itself as:

“Quantcast is the only open internet ratings service. We provide advertisers with audience profiles for millions of websites and services. We invite publishers to participate and demonstrate the unique value of their audiences. The service is free to everyone.”

What insights on your blog or site will you get from it?

Screenshot of their Main Page:

Picture 2-1

Screenshot of the their Graphs showing Site Stats:

Picture 1-1

Visit Quantcast Here >>>

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