Most entrepreneurs are just ONE relationship away from doubling their business.

ONE relationship away from joint venturing with a partner that can drive them massive sales.

ONE relationship away from meeting an amazing friend who shares a mutual interest in personal growth and changes their life.

ONE relationship away from connecting with a person they discover they want to share their life with.

And there’s one hot event where ambitious, positive, growth-minded entrepreneurs from around the world are reserving their tickets a year in advance to attend.

The one event that Jeff Marx, Tony Award-winning creator of “Avenue Q” said “If you have any desire to hang out with really wonderful, smart conscious people who are doing great stuff in the world, just buy a ticket and get on a plane. Honestly, I love this and want to come every year…”

The one event that Elliot Bisnow, founder of the Summit Series, said “I had one of the most mind expanding and incredible four days of my life at Awesomeness Fest. I’m ready to build a legendary life and career. Talent wins games, team work wins championships. The conquering of ones self is the first and greatest victory.”

The event that hundreds more are saying “was the best 4 days of their life” and “met people that changed their life.”

This event could be the event that builds that one relationship for you this year that dramatically improves your life, business, health, happiness, and fulfilment.

The event is called AwesomenessFest. Watch the video above to see what everyone’s saying about it.

It’s sold out EVERY TIME it’s been open for admission.

Watch the video above and if you’d like to join the tribe, click here to submit your application to attend Afest.

See you there!

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