It’s a dilemma we’re all familiar with.

We know that going for the salad is a healthier choice than going for a burger. We know when we’ve had too much to drink at a party. And we know when we’re procrastinating and wasting valuable time instead of being productive.

So if we already know when we’re making bad decisions, why do we do it?

In this presentation, time management superstar Craig Ballantyne explains that you can learn a lot from the self-discipline of someone on a strict vegetarian diet – because they won’t indulge in that burger no matter how good it looks. That’s because they’re bound by a personal code of conduct that guides their decisions.

In fact, Craig believes that maintaining structure in your personal life helps you make better decisions, become more productive – and, paradoxically, actually leaves you with more free time.

Can freedom actually come from structure? Do you have a personal code of conduct you follow in your daily life? Leave a comment and let us know if you agree with Craig – or if you’d rather indulge in a cheeseburger now and then.



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