In the United States, their numbers have swelled to over 50 million. In Europe, there are nearly 100 million.

The segment of society known as Cultural Creatives is growing every year – and these are the people with the highest motivation and spending power to buy personal growth products. If you are an author, speaker, publisher or coach in the personal growth industry, you need to understand the motivations and mindsets of this group.

Inspired by Paul Ray’s book ‘Cultural Creatives’, Mindvalley founder Vishen reveals what we’ve been doing to communicate and market effectively to this burgeoning market segment.

Here’s a hint: traditional marketing does not work with Cultural Creatives. In this presentation you’ll learn why its more important, particularly for people in the publishing industry and personal growth, to market to values and not demographics. And if you still think of your customers in terms of gender, age and income bracket – you could be off the market. Instead, think of your customer as someone with a specific set of “values”.

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