How does Mindvalley Russia record a 40% in open rates and 25% in clickthrough rates (CTR) and build successful customer relationships? For starters, they draw inspiration from the following scenarios:

– The first accomplishment in the dating game is to score a phone number.

– An elected president or prime minister gets a period of 100 days to serve his or her campaign points.

– The Louvre can still sustain the attention of visitors despite having almost 100,000 exhibits to choose from.

How can these real-life scenarios help you boost your open rates and CTR in your emails? Watch this 20-minute presentation by Mindvalley Russia co-founder Kristina Mand-Lakhiani as she shares her model through content, engagement and promos for building a great relationship with their customers.

What are some of your methods of building relationships with your customers? Do you know of other interesting and innovative ways on winning a customer’s trust and loyalty? Let us know below.
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