Who couldn’t use a few extra hours, be it to attend to other tasks or take longer breaks? Well, Vishen Lakhiani has some tips to cut your email time by half.

Emails may seem like trivial to-dos that only need a few minutes at a time, but it’s these “little things” that usually occupy us in the end, especially if you have to deal with hundreds of email replies on a weekly basis.

As the CEO of Mindvalley, Vishen is bombarded with hundreds of emails daily, but unlike many company directors, he manages his own email account. He’s still trying to “tame the email beast”, as he puts it,  but what he has found is that by making the most of readily-available Gmail tools, anyone is able to instantly organize their inboxes and even write better replies.

He’s also come across a rather brilliant email manager that’s helped him in crazier times – the aptly named ‘SaneBox’.

Take five minutes to watch the video above and find out how you can save up to four hours of work time a week.

What tips do you have to shave off time during the day so that you can focus on your main tasks?

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