Do you consider yourself able to multiply your business goals? Are all  your actions aligned to what really brings growth to your business?

In this video, Ajit Nawalkha defines a multiplier as “a person who can look at a system, process or business and think: how can I double it, quadruple it, multiply it by 7 times?”

Get to know what is it that a multiplier does that actually turns this person into a multiplier. Ajit clarifies it’s not about only about the product or business, nor about the personality neither. He believes there are 6 elements that can take someone to a multiplier effect.

According to Ajit, it starts by knowing deeply your business model. Sometimes it’s easy for business and marketing people to fall in the trap of following trends and focusing on doing many things that don’t really have a multiplier effect.

The question is: what can you do right now that will fundamentally change the response that I’m getting from my business? Answering to this question requires you to go back to the core of what makes your business make money.

Check the other elements by watching this short video that will significantly change the way you look at your business.

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