Over the past week tested two different Google AdWords Ads. One included the word “guaranteed” and the other did not. We wanted to find out if making a strong claim in the ad would boost the click-through-rate of our ads and also boost our ROI. However, the results did not turn out as expected.

We thought that adding the word “guaranteed ” would be a sure fire way to boost both the CTR and the ROI of our AdWords campaign. However, the results were very different.

Here are the two ads that we ran and the results of our test:

It turns out that the ad that did NOT include the word “guaranteed” had a 30% higher click-through-rate. What gives?

Honestly, this is not what we expected but here is one possible explanation. Talking about a guarantee makes your ad look more like an ad and so it might turn people off.

However, the ad that included “guaranteed” saw an 80% boost in ROI! Now that is excellent! So, while the ad looked more like an ad and attracted less visitors, the visitors that we did attract had more confidence in what we had to offer and far more visitors turned into leads (31% vs. 17%).

Obviously, we kept the ad with the higher ROI because it delivered us far more leads and at the end of the day, we care about leads and not visitors. Given the results of this test, will be sure to test this in a lot of our other campaigns.

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