A few days ago I posted about the importance of having descriptive ad copy to optimize your Google AdWords Ads. Today I wanted to show you another case that highlights just how important it is to be descriptive and NOT salesy.

Few, people enjoy ads (except for the Super Bowl) and striking the right tone and messaging online is very important. You want to get users to click on your ads but most importantly, you want them to continue and take action. In other words, you want to turn your visitors into leads.

Just a single adjective can make or break your Google Ad copy. We tested three options (see the example below):

  1. A salesy adjective (powerful)
  2. A descriptive adjective (easy)
  3. No adjective

It turns out that using a good adjective vs. no adjective greatly boosted the click-through-rate of our ad. However, picking a powerful adjective (i.e. one that was more salesy) greatly backfired. It still delivered lots of visitors but only very few of them converted (CR = conversion rate).


I have previously written about “Power Words” and how they can sometimes have a huge positive impact on your Google AdWords ads. This is true. However, it is important to stay clear of words that will deliver only clicks and not leads and anytime you use marketing copy to trigger an automatic response from visitors it is very important to check that these extra visitors are worth the cost of the clicks.

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