Today we want to share a surprising finding with you that would make your English teacher flinch.  Sometimes it pays off to ignoring grammar while writing your Google AdWords ads.  In fact, as a rule of thumb I would say it is always better to write ads that sound the best.  Obviously, what sounds best is subjective but it is worth testing different iterations, even iterations that igore grammar.

Nearly everyone can pick the grammatically correct sentence of the following two.

A) Here are 7 quick tips
B) Here is 7 quick tips

The correct answer is “A.”  However, if you test these two iterations in your Google AdWords ad you migh get very different results.  We certainly did in the following example.  In fact, we boosted the click-through-rate of our Google AdWords ads by 100% and our ROI by 20% by going with “Here is 7 Quick Tips.” 

Google AdWords Test:

Perhaps “Here is 7 Quick Tips” just has a better ring to it.  Whatever it is, it got us dramatically better results and we are glad that we now know that ignoring grammar can be another powerful way to further optimize our Google AdWords campaigns. 

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