I am always fascinated by the huge variance in results that I see in our Google AdWords ads due to changing the capitalization of our ad copy. Here is a very fascinating example that I wanted to share with you.

We wrote one ad copy where we capitalized every single word and one identical ad copy where we only capitalized the title and the keyword that the ad was optimized for (clairvoyance).

The results:

– The click-through-rate of the ads was 37% lower for the ad with the capitalized copy

– The conversion rate (sign-up rate) was 197% higher for the ad with the capitalized copy

Here are the detailed findings:

example image

What explains such a big difference?

Here is our hypothesis. The ad without the capitalization look less like and ad and more informational. Not capitalizing every word makes the ad look like the rest of the organic search results where most words are also not capitalized. Since visitors tend to be turned off by ads, they are more likely to click on the copy that looks less like an ad. So, the ad without capitalization attracts more visitors. However, this might also explain the drop in the conversion rate because the ad attracts far more casual browsers that are not really interested in taking action (signing up and buying).

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