When you write your ads, you don’t have very much space to properly position yourself in the eyes of your audience… but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be trying. The ad is usually the 2nd thing our visitor ‘interacts’ with on the way to our product, the 1st being the keyword they searched for. Look at it as the 2nd step of a ladder towards making a purchase, and each step of the way should give them more information and more reasons to by.

The 3rd step would be the landing page, or more accurately, the headline of your landing page. But that conversation is for another day.

We tested some ads using this line of thinking to position our offer as "access to secrets" which, while not new, is still generally something desirable. Take a look:


This ad was the first step in positioning this product as "giving them access to scarce knowledge." We set that as the mood right away and then continued to reference it. This helped provide a consistent message through their entire experience with us, making it more familiar and ultimately easier for them to perform our desired action.

To learn more about the different rungs of the conversion ladder, read AdWords System Exposed.

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