We asked ourselves this question recently and decided to compare buy rates across one of our popular sites.

Here’s what we found on analyzing 100,000 visitors.

Natural Search

4.51% of visitors finding us through natural search (typing in a keyword on Google and clicking on our site in the search results) made a purchase.

Google Adwords

4.00% of visitors from Google Adwords made a purchase. Less than natural search – but not much less. Google advertising works and it shows!

Now let’s compare Google to Yahoo.

Yahoo (formerly Overture) Ads

A mere 3.30% made a purchase from Yahoo. Perhaps because Yahoo ads look MORE like ads than Google’s way of displaying ads. Google advertising produced better visitors – visitors more willing to buy.

But before you abandon Yahoo – keep this in mind – precisely because Yahoo produced lower quality visitors they have less advertisers for you to compete with. So you’ll find that bidding for the same keywords on Yahoo is often much cheaper than Google.

Comparing the Cost per Sale for Google and Yahoo

We were paying 0.17 cents per click on Google

and 0.15 cents per click on Yahoo.

This means it cost us $4.25 to make a sale on Google while $4.54 to make a sale on Yahoo. The cost per sale was only marginally higher for Yahoo.

Yahoo of course – delivers less traffic. only 30% of our sales from PPC clicks come from Yahoo. The rest come from Google Adwords.

But if you are ignoring Yahoo – you could be ignoring 30% of your market.

This is why you should never abandon your Yahoo ads.

It’s also for this reason that we decided to include a chapter on Yahoo in our new book. Just getting on the Yahoo bandwagon can help you boost your sales by 30%.

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