There are at least two reasons why you should bother with hiring through social media. And, at least, two things you can implement today to get brilliant applicants. Let’s go.

Why even bother, you ask?

First reason is that it is a heck of a lot cheaper. Now I know this might not be a major incentive for all of you – but to put it bluntly, using social media to recruit is just way cheaper than using an agency. There is no 100% guarantee that it will do a better job than a professional recruiter, but it’s definitely a more economical option that has worked wonders for us!

Second one, way closer to Mindvalley’s values, is the fact that your applicants have a chance to be the best ever cultural fit for your organisation. It simply means they will be happier at work, more involved and will stay longer with the team.

Here are some basics steps that you need to take as well as few of our best tries on hiring through social media.

Before you try hiring on social media

If the biggest advantage of getting talents from social media is a cultural fit don’t forget to:

  • Actually have a social media presence

I would recommend at least Facebook, but one could say you’re missing out on your employer branding if you don’t have Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube covered as well. I know it seems really obvious, but you will be surprised at how many businesses don’t even have social media accounts. 

  • Sell yourself to candidates

Please, don’t make hiring boring. Unless you are (but I hope not!). Design your careers page like the best sales page. Remember — you have a precious product to sell — yourself! A great careers page will help you attract the right people. And it will pay off.

  • Create a great culture

Well, that one is not as easy. It takes time, consistency, great listening, and observation skills (as your organisation is a live organism which interacts and evolves) and definitely some creativity, but this can make all the difference. Vishen gave a great talk on that topic  if you want to learn more.

  • Make sure you show the right thing

What great culture means to us at Mindvalley you can learn from our Blog, Instagram — where we introduce the audience to our events, employees, and small sneak-peaks from our office, Corporate Facebook fanpage where we also share content which represents best our values and life philosophy or on YouTube.


Yes. Everywhere. And that’s the point.

While sharing your culture, don’t be too humble. There’s nothing wrong with showing what happens during your social gatherings, celebrations, or even a team retreat. But don’t show off either.

Believe me, you don’t want to go through hundreds of applications from people who just want to have fun. Keep it balanced, real and don’t forget to show prospective employees how you actually work.

So what can you do today to start attracting great candidates on social media?

Video Cover Letters On YouTube

Simple and brilliant.

One of the greatest things which Mindvalley does as pre-selection for candidates, based on values and culture fit.  

I could actually write a separate article on a power of video cover letters. But what does it have to do with attracting talents on social media? Well, when they are good, they go viral.

I typed “video cover letter” on YouTube and the first thing I saw was actually my colleague, Alexandru. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

hiring through social media youtube

And if you know how the YouTube algorithm works, you also know that these cover letters will be shown to the audience who already watch (and love) your work and content. The right people I dare to say.

Below you can watch some of the best cover letters sent to Mindvalley over the last few years. There are many more.

And by the way, we didn’t ask our employees to add [HIRED] in front of the title. This is what your culture and branding can do for you.

Trust your friends on Facebook

What is the best way to get new hires? Many people would say it’s a recommendation from a current employee or a friend. Now imagine how many months or years you’ve been building your social media network. Hundreds, thousands of… friends. This is why, for hiring through social media, don’t underestimate Facebook.

If your fanpage is active — just post (in between great culture-related blog posts, of course). Whoever loves you and your brand — will see it anyway. Either on their timeline or shared by their friends (who care as well ;)).

But as you already saved some $$$ on not using an agency — just roll-out Facebook ads. But don’t just throw a simple ad on people interested in your brand or jobs you hire for. Do as Khai, my fellow traffic specialist and mentor did:

“Once someone clicked on the first ad and visited our careers website we re-targeted them with a video ad featuring our celebrations of India Day  in the office. We expected to come back and apply only “the right candidates”. With right expectations and culture fit for us. This is how our ad looked like:”


hiring through social media

This time we didn’t get any applicants coming from Facebook advertisement. Khaiyong says it’s a failure, but I disagree. We needed experts in Facebook advertising, based in certain location and matching our company culture.  The fact that we didn’t get irrelevant applications saved us time and disappointment. Not bad after all.

We’re still hiring, if you’re intersted 😉

Applying this strategy to LinkedIn and Twitter

The truth is, we’re not there, yet. These two giants are not our strength, so we wouldn’t try hiring there.

We will definitely give it a shot in the future, but for now, with our well-defined and successful presence on YouTube and Facebook, we will stick to these two platforms.

If you want to try hiring through social media make sure you know where your strengths are. You need to have the right audience following you.


I really wouldn’t mind you sharing some ideas on how to get talents through other platforms (even if you haven’t tried it yet).

We love to learn here at Mindvalley, so don’t be shy — leave a comment.

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