Mindvalley takes great pride in its people and culture.

It’s our unique company culture that inspires our team to be creative, productive, innovative, and—most importantly—happy. We define our culture through the 10 values of our Code of Awesomeness, which you’ll see on the walls of our offices.

code of awesomeness

We expect all our new candidates to rise to our “Bar of Awesomeness” (where their values match that of our Code of Awesomeness).

And when this bar is met, that’s when the magic happens.

But here’s the real question:

How do we hire someone who is a cultural fit for the company?

How can we determine whether a candidate’s values match ours?

The answer: we designed a series of questions that revolves around our Code of Awesomeness.

Firstly, we dissected each of our values. 

We’ll use one of our values, “I turn customers into raving fans,” as an example. 

How do we, as a tribe, understand this value?

To go above and beyond the call of duty to help. And to serve a customer to such a level that they become brand ambassadors for the company.

What incident or story within the company best exemplifies this value?

One of our customers emailed us about how he was a little behind financially over Christmas, and needed advice on how to make Christmas special for his 12 kids. 

We regularly receive emails like these, even when it’s not related to a product or a normal support request.

We were stumped as to what to do in this case… then an idea hit us. Since it was Christmas, a season of giving, we decided to personally buy gifts for each of the 12 kids, and send them via Amazon.

But there was one BIG problem: the gifts would not arrive in time for Christmas.

So we decided to do something else… We set up a Santa Claus scenario while Vishen was on holiday in Northern Europe, and got “Santa” to personally pass a special message of love to this customer’s 12 children.

Who was/were the employee(s) behind this incident or story?

Our customer support team and our CEO, Vishen Lakhiani.

After answering these questions for each of our ten values, we asked ourselves one final question…

What were the common traits and characteristics of the people in each of these stories?

This helped us create an avatar of our ideal candidate.

The final step was to design interview questions that would best give our candidates an opportunity to share real life examples that represent our values.

Based on the previous exercise, these were the questions we created to determine whether a candidate shares the same value of “turning customers into raving fans”:

  • Give an example of a customer that you turned from a position of unhappiness to sheer joy.
  • The customer is pointing out a big known problem with your product—what do you do?
  • What does great customer service mean to you?
  • In your last job, how did you know that the customer was satisfied?

By applying these practices, we were able to create a series of interview questions that are now helping us gauge whether potential candidates share similar values to us, and will fit into our unique work culture. This, in turn, has helped us preserve our unique company culture with every new hire.

Here you can download the examples of questions that we use for interviews: Mindvalley way of hiring based on values.

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