Can’t figure out how to get quality testimonials for your product? Try this:

Set up a form on a web page asking specific questions related to your product. Let’s say you offer a pop-up software product. You might ask:

1) How has your conversion rate increased since using our software? (Please be as specific as comfortably possible)

This will get specific case-study like data that is much more powerful than a generic endorsement. “Sign-ups increased 75%!” is much better and more convincing in sales copy than “I got more signups!”

2) Would you recommend -Software Name- to someone else?

This leads your customers to giving you a direct endorsement

3) What do you think about -Software Name- and other YourCompany software products?

This is more open ended so that your customers can share anything on their mind.

4) Is there anything you don’t like or that we can improve for our next update?

This question will help you cover objections you hadn’t yet thought of or missed out in previous marketing efforts. You will also know exactly what needs to be improved.

Now, how to get customers to your form? Simple; just ask them and offer a gift to those who fill it out. The gift could be a free private webinar, exclusive access to your latest ideas, or whatever – just make it something worth their time. If your product has really helped them, they’ll be happy to help you.


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