It used to be that we all dreamed of being able to give an award acceptance speech. But since the emergence of TED, “Ideas Worth Spreading” has become the new speaker benchmark for everyone from the world’s top leaders to aspiring individuals alike, with 1 billion views and counting.

In this 18-minute video, trainer and business coach Peter Smith breaks it down and gives us the skeleton to giving a TED talk. Look out for ways to hook the audience in with your voice and your hands at 9:25, and see how channeling a certain person will prep you up for any crowd at 11:25.

Who’s your favourite speaker, and what are some of your tricks for giving a great talk? Start the discussion below, and share this video with your team. If you haven’t followed us on Facebook, head there now to get free tools and trainings from Mindvalley straight to your newsfeed. To find out more about Peter Smith, visit

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