In this video, I explain the process of making sales to high level coaching, events, and masterminds.

This process is used to sell our live event, Zentrepreneur.

The core concept flips the framing of your clients from “buying an expensive item” to “applying to be accepted into an exclusive offering.

In the video, we reference SPIN selling as a great reference to making phone sales.

Here’s an explanation on how you can create application forms for your business growth event or mastermind…

high price ticket

Part 0: Your call to action

Before people fill the form, you need to send traffic to the form. This can be right on a sales page. Instead of an “Add to Cart” button (a.k.a. a purchase call to action), you put “Request Invitation” or “Apply Now” buttons.


You can also put it at the end of a webinar by offering a free consultation. We did this on our Product Launch Webinar and had great results.

Part 1: Basic information

This one is obvious. You want all their identification details and contact details. Make sure to include a field to get their biography to further understand them.

Part 2: The rating fields

This is where you let people partake in some self-assessment in every area of their business — so we know how we can help.

The proper way to structure this section is to ask the question in the following manner: “Please rate the following based on how much you agree or disagree with the statement.

We write each question as an affirmation of excellence in every area of business. The choices are the following: “Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Neutral, Agree, Strongly Agree.”

high price ticket

Have this data available when you are about to jump on a call with the potential client. You can direct the conversation to identify the gaps in their business. You can also see the cost of having such gaps. If your offer solves this gap (thus, recovers the lost costs) for a fee which is lower, the sale happens. 🙂

Bonus Tip: I like to follow the rule of 10X — make sure your fee solves a problem which causes a pain 10 times the fee. Here is a script objection killer.

If double the leads come in, your business would grow from 100k to 200k. That’s 100k more money coming in. We will give you the blueprints on how to get as many leads as you want. The event costs 10k and think about it this way: If you only apply 1/5th of what we teach, you’ll come out ahead on year one.  And year after year, you’ll still crush it! Fact is, I think you’ll apply way more than 20%.”*

*Sending love to Carl Harvey from The Big Life for that line.

Part 3: Don’t guess what they want the most, ask them

I’ve made this mistake many times — pitching a solution that the potential customer didn’t want or need. Don’t make a wrong assumption, always ask. Add a field to the application asking this question:

What would you most like to get from the purchase of X?

Most of the time, the answer will be direct on what they want. Perfect. On the call, you will be able to lead the conversation and dig further from this point and make sure you solve it.

high price ticket

This is a word cloud from answers to the question of what people want the most from a business mastermind.

Part 4 (Optional): It’s a two-way street. What can they give back?

You can call this the opposite of the previous questions. Ask them:

What can you most contribute  to other members of the X Mastermind?

This is most relevant if you are building a mastermind. You will want to see what intentions of giving back your applicants have. It also frames the survey to be more about making sure they are a match for the mastermind. I find that the interaction over the phone is even better when we speak about this question.

Part 5: Let’s qualify them

Ask for how much revenue their business makes annually. This is great to qualify your prospects. In our case, we had people who would qualify for the high level mastermind for $1M+ businesses. For the rest, we had the standard Zentrepreneur where everyone is welcome to join.

You can also ask for the number of employees — this allows us to bucket people from solo-preneurs to big corporations.

Part 6: Deliver on your promises — always

The best way to keep selling high-ticket products is to over-deliver on everything you sell. The easiest way to grow the number of qualified leads coming in is to serve the customers you currently have. Their referrals will come in, the sales will grow. You will also start building case studies to add to your sales pages to continue reassuring people that you do deliver on the merchandise.

Hopefully this helps you start making sales for your program. Be sure to post your own application form in the comments below so we can all get inspired… and many even get a few leads. 🙂

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