This speech received a standing ovation at Helsinki’s 925 Festival of Work. It is currently being developed into a book.

It’s long but comprehensive because it covers in detail the science and psychology of “Designing Company Culture”

Vishen Lakhiani started with $700. And built a business with 170 employees and a cult brand. And in all that time never had to raise venture capital, or take a bank loan, or get investors.

Instead he just focused on building seriously great culture and attracting amazing talent.

But the story is deeper than that. See, Mindvalley is not in Europe or Silicon Valley.

It’s in Malaysia.

Although the company started in New York, Vishen had to return to his home country of Malaysia after the first year as he could not get a USA Visa.

Forced to create his dream in Malaysia, a developing country, and facing Malaysia’s brain drain problem, lack of world class universities, and lower wages, Vishen’s initial fear turned to passion as he decided that he wanted to build ‘The World’s Greatest Workplace’.

Mindvalley Employees Rock

And do it in Kuala Lumpur despite the odds.

Not just to attract talent from all around the world to Malaysia – but to also give hope to local entrepreneurs, that it “can be done here”.

Today Mindvalley employs some 150 people in Malaysia from 31+ different country. All of whom relocate to Kuala Lumpur to work for Mindvalley at it’s gorgeous headquarters which has been listed in Inc as “Top Ten Coolest Workplaces in the World”.

Mindvalley is a business case study on corporate culture, talent development and more. It’s well known not just for its amazing rise without funding – but for the number of amazing talent that emerge from its employee base.

In this presentation Vishen strips away the outer visage and shows the specific steps, scientific models and his ‘consciousness engineering’ process which he used to design Mindvalley culture.

This speech is not just motivational but outlines specific steps to do to transform your company. It’s all replicable. And any company can take these steps and apply it to their business.

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“Inspirational Ideas”

“Vishen Lakhiani is stunning”

“”Freaking Awesome. I wish all Finnish CEOs would have been present.””

“This speech should be shown in every company, all over the world.”

Enjoy and share.

*** Key Ideas with associated time codes ***

24:00 – Vishen gives the Template: A 5 Part Framework for Redesigning Your Company Culture

28:00 – What are the attributes of the Perfect Employee?

31:40 – Why Happiness Matters

35:56 – The Science to Designing Love, Bonding and Friendship in a Company

38:00 – Why You Need to Create a Department for “Weirdness”

43:00 – An alternate way to Setting Goals within a Company

46:00 – How to Inject a Feeling of Abundance into Employees

47:00 – Why We Focus on The Design of Mindvalley HQ

48:00 – How we Invest in Employee Ideas to Allow Employees to Launch Startups within Mindvalley

52:10 – How to Make People Feel Significant

57:00 – How to Get Employees to “Hack” their Department

1:00:00 – Asking Employees the “Three Most Important Questions”

1:02:00 – How Mindvalley runs it’s “Awesomeness Reports”

1:13:00 – Richard Branson’s Advice to Vishen Lakhiani

1:15:10 – How Mindvalley employees become legendary


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