When Mindvalley first experimented with the Innovative Design Experience (IDE) model in 2010, it was risky business. We were recovering from a Google slap, we had only just developed the strategy, we were launching an upcoming author and we were about to charge a whopping $999 for a series of recordings by someone not many had heard of.

But with careful and creative planning, a kickass design team, the wit of our trusted copywriter and most of all – good faith – we made over a million bucks in under a month. Today, the IDE model is not only the driving force behind our most successful online campaigns; it’s our way of thinking.

In this final part of Ewa’s Underground Online Seminar 8 video series, she tells you how to think IDE by using some of our best campaigns to exemplify and by breaking things down to its respective elements – Design, Innovation and Experience.

We evolved from text-heavy product sites that lacked a “storyline” and required endless scrolling to incorporating beautiful images and structured copy. To engage visitors we used interactive content and personalized pages, which boosted our opt-in rate by 75% and increased our sales by 31%.

We enhanced the customer journey by reducing the hard sales pitch and promoting the experience of our products before promising its results, developing ways to humanize our landing pages with what we call  “Reality Infusion”.

This final initiative brought in a 30% increase in sales and even generated a viral buzz beyond our digital territory, establishing a fan base that genuinely liked us for our quality.

The IDE model is solid proof that by challenging and breaking the pattern of online marketing, and constantly creating ways to improve your customer’s experience through visual engagement and interactivity, you are not only out to make a sale from a customer – you are also out to win them.

Get some valuable insight from Ewa’s video above for your next online campaign, and check out Part 1 and Part 2 to complete the series, if you haven’t already.


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