One-Time-Offer or OTO pages happen to generate great revenue for Mindvalley. An OTO page is the sales page that visitors see right after they’ve signed up and entered their email address, where we offer a products at an appealing discount for a limited period. This has been a successful strategy so far, which is why we go to great measures to innovate on these pages by applying careful and extensive research.

Previously, Justyna Jastrzebska – Senior Partner at Mindvalley, highlighted the importance of adding an intro video in your funnel sequence for better engagement with your customers.

But we decided to take this concept a step further, by testing two OTO pages for our product Chakra Healing, using two different frameworks:

– A Normal OTO that contains a long copy similar to most of our OTO pages and only reveals the intro video in the funnel, and;

–  A New OTO that features the pre-lesson intro video and a timed order menu. This means that that menu is set to appear during a specific time after the video starts playing. So instead of including the video in the funnel, we featured it on the OTO page, and the order menu appears a few minutes after the visitor presses play.

Both require the customer to take a Chakra Quiz on the landing page and submit their name and email address to access the quiz results.

Here is the framework for the Normal OTO, with the pre-lesson intro video is featured in the Funnel:

Price Test Table

And here is the New OTO framework, with the pre-lesson included on the OTO page:

Price Test Table

Just to give you a clear idea, here’s a partial screenshot of the Normal OTO with the long copy:

Price Test Table

While the image below is a partial screenshot of the New OTO, which features the pre-lesson intro video and a timed order menu.

Price Test Table

This New OTO was a massive innovation and we had to approach this test with a lot of caution, as we could’ve ended up doing more harm than good if the test failed.

Here are some precautionary tips that we followed to increase the probability of a successful test:

1. To engage people who signed up, we discussed the Chakra Quiz Test on the video.

2. As mentioned, we timed the order menu. This way, the customer won’t be distracted by it before they even begin watching the video.

3. We removed the long copy to keep the customer’s attention on the video.

So how do you think the New OTO framework fared with our sales? Did it hurt us or help us?

The answer is…

The new framework BOOSTED our sales on the OTO by 33%. So the risk of innovating on a cash cow paid off.

The bottom line is, a risk is worth taking if you invest enough research and time on innovating it. You will have to deal with the polar opposites of the results, of course. If you succeed, the increase in sales will be significant. And if you fail, the decrease in sales will also be significant. In our case, the 33% boost in sales benefited us immensely because it became one our top-performing pages.

But it gave us a new perspective on how to plan future sales campaigns and product launches. And ultimately, we were able to understand our customers and prospects better.

Have you taken any risks lately, and would you give our test a try? Or do you know of any one-time-offer pages or landing pages who challenge the normal framework of selling a product? We want to hear your thoughts. Share them below.

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