What do you do when tried and tested online marketing strategies stop working and your business hits a wall?

Giving up is not an option – so, instead, we suggest you change it up.

In 2010, Mindvalley faced Google slaps on our biggest revenue generating businesses, dealt with unsuccessful paid traffic campaigns and experienced a stagnant list of subscribers. What did we do?

We implemented the Mindvalley Innovation Design Experience (IDE) Model.

By using IDE, we managed to break free from the more traditional online marketing strategies and turn our whole business around.

Senior Partner and Product Launch Specialist, Ewa Wysocka recently shared her insights on the creation and effect of the IDE Model at the online marketing event of the year – Yanik Silver’s Underground Online Seminar 8 (UG8).

With tickets for UG8 being sold at over $3,000 to the entrepreneurial movers and shakers of the online marketing industry, we are extremely honored to have Yanik’s permission to publish Ewa’s presentation on Mindvalley Insights.

Split into 3-parts, Ewa’s UG8 series kicks off with an introduction to the IDE Model, its effect on our Mindvalley business and key aspects of a successful, systematic product launch.

Parts 2 and 3 will be published over the next two weeks – so keep an eye on www.facebook.com/mindvalleyinsights for updates.

Ewa Wysocka is a Senior Partner and Product Launch Specialist at Mindvalley and co-founder of Mindvalley Poland.

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