John McIntyre, of, interviews Vishen Lakhiani to ask about his email marketing philosophy, and some of the best marketing nuggets that work very well for Mindvalley’s businesses.

– The unusual story of why and how Vishen Lakhiani started Mindvalley

– A surprising feature we found when we analyzed our top-performing email funnels

– How one very well-known entrepreneur and marketing specialist doubled the conversions for an offer without changing a word of copy on the sales page

– How Vishen transforms an objection a prospect gives to not buy a product, into a reason to want the product even more

– In 7 minutes, Vishen shares some of his best and easiest marketing tweaks you can implement now in your business to boost sales (including some of the emails that increase sales across the board for Mindvalley)

– The best emails to insert into your email funnel to simply and easily increase sales

Reference screenshot 1: (Open rate & click rate)

Reference screenshot 2: (Revenue)

Click here for more information on Autoresponder Madness, the program Vishen mentions in this interview.

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