Some interesting data we found on testing landing pages. A lot of people and services like have been touting these types of landing page. They rely on curiosity and forcing a user to sign up. See an example here. Lets call this “Page A”.

We test the page above against a page with way more info and honestly describing upfront what the user was getting. Here is the new page. We’ll call this “Page B”

Landing Page Split Test B

As you can see. Both are simple to create. Nothing fancy. Now Page A had a 58% signup. Page B had a 56% signup.

Some people will celebrate this as a win for page A. This is a disastrous error in judgement that I have seen cost businesses thousands. You must always measure to the end point. Meaning revenue brought in from the people who signed up on both after they go through your site/funnel. When we measured this we were stunned. Page A had 0.94% of subscribers eventually buy. Page B had 2.95% buy. That’s a whopping 214.85% difference (statistically significant at 99%).

Optimization is not done by taking isolated results, but by looking on your business holistically.

Hope that helps in your business.

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