Efficiency is all about boosting sales and revenue with minimal effort. In Mindvalley, this is done through automation and innovation. After a product is launched, it is put on autopilot to become self-sustaining.

Each product has a funnel sequence to attract potential customers who subscribed to the mailing list. The innovation determines what is in the funnel sequence that is being delivered to these potential customers. How can a business provide attractive and useful information but still keep the value of its product? Striking the balance between these two is tricky but necessary.

Justyna Jastrzebska, Senior Partner in Mindvalley, talks about how the company innovated to boost sales by 200% and other Mindvalley best practices for an efficient way to boost conversion.

Click here for Boosting Conversion tip  2 of 3.

Click here for Boosting Conversion tip  3 of 3.

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