AJ Leon is the founder of  Misfit Inc. He’s an adventurous entrepreneur traveling the world and literally changing it. But he could be another guy sitting behind a desk in NY City. This guy can help you change the way you see life, career and business.

5 years ago he left an “unremarkably average existence as an Wallstreet Executive” .

He was doing everything you’re supposed to do and left it all.  It was December 31st, 2007, he had 6 figures salary with a bonus even larger than that.  AJ was invited to meet his boss at his office to hear that he had just been promoted! Suddenly everything he had worked for his whole life had become true.

He went back to his own beautiful office with a great view to Manhattan – and cried.

He realized he was trapped: he was living someone else’s life. And it seemed there was no way to turn down that offer. He realized he could keep living the other’s guy life for his whole life. AJ says it was the most depressing moment of his life.

A quotable thought he shares on it:

“You always have more choices than you think you have. You always have a choice”

AJ and his wife are currently traveling the world running a creative agency, writing and inspiring people to take a leap of faith to live their best lives and change the world.

In this video, he explains why we’re all “trapped” by bringing back the way Edward Bernays, the father of modern PR and Propaganda, created the basic guide to our modern society behaviors.  The guy who said that “if we truly understand the mechanisms and the motives of the group mind, is it not possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing about it”.

AJ shares the story. Where do we get our ideas of success and happiness from?  Why do we end up studying things in college we don’t like nor care about?  And why do we even buy things we don’t either need nor want?

Some of us still stay in careers we don’t like and might go on vacations instead of adventures.  But AJ and his wife have made the decision to live like misfits, traveling the world, contributing to humanitarian causes, having fun and… Changing the world.

AJ says most people outside are waiting to win the lottery, waiting for the unexpected heritage from their distant uncle or just waiting for their business success to take them out to their ideal life…

And at the end of the video he actually shares the first letter he wrote himself when he finally dared to take the leap. It is mind blowing.

No matter in what stage you are in your career. You want to get some inspiration from someone who managed to totally convert his life into an amazing adventure.

“To do great things in our lives, businesses, careers ,we need to do things that scare the shit out of us”, AJ’s quote.

Watch this video. Enjoy your life!

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