Would you ever go to work, spend countless hours doing corporate tasks, follow your boss around, and at the end of the day, pay him so you can continue working for him? Does it sound crazy? People do it all the time in an institution called “schools.”

Paradoxically, would you want people to pay you so they can execute your plans and manage your business affairs in your behalf? The question is, why not? Students pay thousands of dollars to spend hundreds of hours to learn things that they might not even use.

Sounds ironic, but this kind of relationship between students and teachers is the new practice between jobseekers and entrepreneurs for a win-win situation.

Co-founder of Mindvalley Hispano, Juan Martitegui, describes the symbiotic relationship of mentorship to between employer and employee in both small and big businesses. He talks about the value of real-world education and experience for jobseekers that most students do not learn from their academic programs. He also shares how teaching highly motivated and committed individuals was a far more beneficial practice than any applicant screening process he had building a start up company.

[googleplusauthor] is Co-founder, Mindvalley Hispano

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