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Productivity is a state of mind and productivity has got to do with what you choose not to do.

Let’s face it – In order to be successful, you have to accomplish more in the same amount of time.

We all have 24 hours.

As the CEO of Mindvalley Media, Founder of Evercoach and Mentor of Zentrepreneur, managing a few businesses at the same time was a responsibility I had to juggle.

Here I explain a simple Achievers’ Productivity Sheet which I use daily and you too can put into effect in your daily lives, regardless of what business you’re running, as a student or just wanting to be a high-achiever in what you do.

Here are the sheets you can download to start crushing those “time constraint” excuses!

Achievers Productivity Sheet

Focus your time on the 20% of things that contribute to 80% of your success.


Step 1 – Priorities

  • List projects for the Quarter
  • Fix a Goal for each
  • Limit to maximum of 5 things that need to happen to meet the Goal


Step 2 – Timeline

  • Timeline your project in a Month/Week table on what NEEDS to be done on a weekly basis


Step 3 – Calendar

  • Log your daily BIG WIN and focus on that
  • List more daily items to be done after you have completed your BIG WIN


**Make sure that your BIG WIN contributes directly to the Month/Week achievement, which takes you one step closer to the Goal.

With this systematic approach, you are now able to properly plan out and take daily steps towards success.


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