Metaphors are very powerful communication tools. They act as a lens, getting people to consider ideas or concepts in new ways.

Juan Martitegui is a Senior Partner at Mindvalley and CEO of Mindvalley Hispano. He’s taking forward one of the biggest expansion initiatives of Mindvalley outside its headquarters – and has also become one of the most eminent names regarding online marketing in Latin America (advice: google him).

Juan started with the question: how can I compare whatever I teach to something that works every time? He created a killer webinar that works every time he runs it – out of one simple idea: explaining it through a metaphor.

Grab a topic that answers naturally to whatever objections people have, establish a relation that make sense – and see how it changes people perception about your product. Juan was able to increase revenues by 150% with Metaphorical Persuasion. Check this video to see how he did it.

How are you using metaphors?

Take a look at your brand, your value proposition and your marketing messages. Do they resonate like Juan’s? If not, this is an amazing opportunity to make your brand even stickier.


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