The speech I’m sharing here was given to a private audience in Denver in May 2011 at Simple Wealth’s Authority Formula Seminar.

It also was voted BEST SPEECH by the audience at that event. 20 other online business experts took part and this won the audience vote.

In this video I talk about the “The Bloodhound Model”, which is an idea that Justyna and I stumbled upon by accident way back in 2008. It resulted in a simple blog bringing in $930,000 in revenue in its first 18 months. It also established this blog as the dominant blog in its niche. In this 17 min presentation I lay out what we did step-by-step.

Greg Habstritt, founder of SimpleWealth called this method “possibly the single most effective way of building a revenue-generating website that I’ve ever seen.”

If you’re an author or aspiring thought leader, this model allows you to dominate your niche, get high google rankings, build a list and best of all, generate revenue, all by using a blog in a creative way. But it’s not what you expect. You can dominate a niche by being like Stephen Spielberg or Roger Ebert. In short, the content creator, or the content reviewer. Here I show why you might want to think like Ebert.

Comments from the public who watched this:

  • “this video created a possibility for me that never existed before” ~ Botajet
  • “You’ve got my creative juices flowing once again. Special thanks to Vishen for helping us all to raise the bar.” ~ Mary Murphy
  • “Seen this live and it was a deserved win for Vishen, who I must say was mega. Quality content with a simply twist. Quite remarkable that such simplicity could have exponential results. Love it.” ~ Duncun
  • “This man is amazing!” ~ Luchalucha
  • “Holy Cow! That is amazing. A person could really run with this.” ~  SharetheJoy
  • “WOW! I said that many, many times while watching this video, pausing and taking copious notes! The content in Vishen’s video is valuable – in fact, more valuable to me than owning a bar of gold or some other commodity, because it has enriched me, personally!” ~ Joan Hartsough
  • “That was “simply” AMAZING! Given in a simple, easy to use manner – giving a simple yet POWERFUL model. Thank you soooo much Vishen” ~ Julie
  • “Vishen’s video is powerful because he has a great sense of humor and makes everything fun and interesting—even though it is ‘simply, serious business'” ~ Carol
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