Love affairs are exciting but your customers, subscribers and even your readers don’t want a mere courtship; they want a marriage – a lasting relationship.

Crafting a healthy relationship is important for any business; it will enable you to make your buyers happy and satisfied, create a strong bank of interested subscribers and readers to call upon, and lower your refund rates – a win-win result.

Co-founders of Mindvalley Russia, Kristina Mand-Lakhiani and Irina Hlimonenko, know the importance of developing and maintaining lasting relationships, particularly where  a market of careful buyers on a budget are concerned. As such, these two women are well-versed when it comes to building solid foundations for ever lasting love and they share their 5-core principles of relationship crafting in the video above.

These handy tips will give you the dating know-how you need to build a trusting, lasting relationship with your entire readership within the first 100 days of meeting and beyond!

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