This is the final content of the 3-part series of Jay Abraham Insights and it’s my personal favorite!

Many moons ago I attended one of Jay’s seminars where just this ONE idea of Jay’s boosted my sales by 50% – and Jay is now sharing this concept with you.

Whatever your trade, the risk reversal technique applies to your business – provided that you have an honest belief and confidence in your product. Why? Well, if you don’t believe in the quality and benefits of your product then why should John, Dick or Harry?

Ultimately it comes down to this, your task, as a business owner is to reduce the risk that burdens your customer during a sales transaction.  And if you can reduce customer risk by offering a guarantee then you could also see your sales double.

Watch Jay’s 2-min intro to risk reversal above and if you want to find out more check out my article Choosing the Correct Risk Reversal Guarantee For Your Business Needs.

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