Many entrepreneurs and business owners fall into the trap of having a HALF business: hard, annoying, lucrative and frustrating.

Joe Polish – one of the world’s top marketing experts – shares how to use robotic marketing systems to create an ELF business: easy, lucrative, and fun.

In this recorded presentation at AwesomenessFest 2010, he openly shares how he’s helped many clients transform their business into one they love, using real examples of his marketing systems.

Watch the video above to watch Joe Polish’s presentation!

By the way, this presentation was done at Awesomeness Fest, an annual non-profit event that brings together people who are by nature, driven to change the world.

It’s a unique combination of personal growth training, intimate bonding, charity and Woodstock-style parties, all in the midst of a paradise island.

If you would like to apply to join the Awesomeness Fest tribe, click here to submit your application.

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