Finding the perfect price point for your product(s) is a challenge in itself let alone attempting to play big and increase prices!

Too high and customers turn away, too low and customers become suspicious of the quality of the product.

So is it possible to increase prices AND keep customers happy enough to add to cart?

Yes of course it is!

Meet B2B and LinkedIn specialist, Alex Nghiem.

Alex has a simple method for increasing product prices overnight (literally) without having to splash the cash on market research, change the product or spend months testing and testing. He shares his method here and all within 14 minutes!

If you are a coach, speaker, author, entrepreneur or even a corporate executive, this method will give you the know-how to increase your product price point by 300%, 500% or even 1000%.

Watch out for key pointers on recognizing, targeting and reaching your premier buyer and identifying the benefits you want to deliver to that specific market.   Share you thoughts on this simple method below.

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