We took SpeedPPC for a drive to test out their claims…

… to review how Speed PPC would help the AdWords campaigns across our network of websites.

speedppc Specific targeting of advertisements is one of the holy grails for internet marketing, but executing it in an efficient manner is still one of our greatest challenges. SpeedPPC has stepped up to this challenge, aiming to help us roll out laser-targeted ads, set up tightly matched landing pages, and target the oft-forgotten long tail traffic.

With that in mind, we took it for a review and considered these questions:

  • How to build your online business correctly from day 1 – so you can work only an hour a day but make a MILLION a year??
  • How to attract traffic to your website – to the tune of 1,000 sign-ups a day (that’s 30,000 opt-ins in a month)?
  • How your web design could actually be HURTING your sales (and probably is)?
  • How to rapidly pick and promote niche market affiliate products that produce long-tail income streams with almost no maintenance work

To put it quickly, Speed PPC is packed with features we’ll be using to do those exact things. Order it here and then email us for your free bonus.

If a bedroom business booming into a multi-million dollar 20 person business sounds attractive to you, then pay attention. Your time is important, so here’s the critical information.

MindValley uses tools like the feature-rich SpeedPPC program to build a variety of unique, amazingly successful websites:

One website we just launched just recently was getting 1000 sign-ups PER DAY in only its first month. That’s 30,000 people who WANT to hear from us and let us actively speak with them… and that was just from the first month. The number has gotten much larger since.

And this is just ONE of our sites!

Here’s another, totally different site that earns us $150,000 per year in revenue FROM ADSENSE. Look at our account!


After setting it up, this site requires NO attention whatsoever. $150,000 per year on pure auto drive.

Now, we’re not going to lie. It took perseverance and effort to get to where we are today, but it’s products like SpeedPPC that make life so much easier now. We started doing this 5 years ago when hardly any of these products existed.

Today, SpeedPPC speeds up all the difficult work and makes your life so much easier by:

  1. Creating very small ad groups with extremely focused keywords, which will Increase click-through rate and Decrease costs
  2. Creating a visitor experience with tightly linked ad text, which will boost your conversion AS WELL AS your precious Google Quality Score
  3. Dynamically changing landing pages so each user has a targeted, personally relevant experience, which will boost each visitor’s comfort level and thus shoot up your conversions

We’re serious, you’re doing yourself a great injustice if you don’t buy SpeedPPC (and then email us for the bonus). Look, here I am with:

Mike Filsaime, one of the industries Major Masterminds.

Mike Filsaime

Mike Filsaime has proven time and time again that he’ll be a continual source of innovation.

And Here I am with Armand Morin, another internet marketing Pro and a brand master; few others have an online presence like him.

Armand Morin

We see these guys all the time at conferences and special internet marketing get-togethers.

Why are we showing you this? To tell you how SERIOUS we are when we say Speed PPC is helping MindValley Labs stay on top of internet marketing. We even own our own internet marketing course that has taught tens of thousands of others. Our students LISTEN when we tell them SpeedPPC is worth their time because they know how serious we are.

One of the first sites we built now sits on autopilot and makes $1.2 million dollars per year. That’s over 4 years of $1,000,000+ in annual sales… with only one employee. SpeedPPC is helping us sharpen our focus on EXACTLY the types of visitors we want. Here’s an image from just 1 month:


You see, we apply our strategies over and over again to build successful websites. It isn’t about crazy new fads or reinventing the wheel, successful internet marketing is about applying tested, thoroughly proven principles and getting REALLY GOOD at them. This is how MindValley went from a 2 person business run from a bedroom to a 20 person business with several websites totaling several million in revenue.

Hopefully now you’ve seen how important SpeedPPC is to our work, so you’re probably wondering…

What’s in it for me?

Tons of people have been peddling SpeedPPC as we’ve been behind the scenes USING IT to build our multi-million dollar websites. We’ve used it to:

  • Dramatically boost the relevance of our landing pages by using geographical targeting
  • Reduce our time spent building ads and landing pages by letting SpeedPPC do most of the boring, mundane work… so we can spend our time on more fun things like “higher level” strategies

Imagine this, what if we gave you:

  • The exact bidding strategies to use so you can pay only a few cents per click while your competitors pay a few dollars
  • The exact ways to avoid the AdWords Death Loop (Don’t know what that is? You should!)
  • Ways to improve your AdWords management by 330% and avoid the mistakes most Big Losers do
  • A tricky insight: why optimzation for click-thru-rates is NOT the right strategy
  • A software system to help you split test your landing pages to make sure you aren’t missing out on even 2 (or God forbid hundreds) good customers

We’ll give you exactly these insights and much, much more in our AdWords System Exposed. People have paid us THOUSANDS of dollars to consult them, and every piece of knowledge we use for those consultations is right here in this guide. Get SpeedPPC now and it’s all yours, FREE! That’s $5000 worth of consulting fees and you get it free.

The only thing you have to do is:

  1. Clear your Cookies. (To make sure you can get our bonus).
  2. Order and try SpeedPPC by clicking here
  3. email us and tell us you want your bonus.
  4. Once we confirm, we will email and let you know.

Notice: This offer for SpeedPPC will expire immediately after we give out a certain number of bonus packages. Consultation clients will NOT be happy to see us giving this information away for free.

SpeedPPC will revolutionize your PPC marketing efforts – you are doing yourself a serious disfavor if you don’t go test it out NOW. We did, and it has changed the way we do PPC marketing.

Plus, on top of that you’ll receive our entire guide – exactly how WE do PPC marketing – for free. You might be intimidated by AdWords and Yahoo! now, but say good bye to those fears. Now YOU will be the master.


Get SpeedPPC here >>.
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